Slipped or Herniated Disks

Slipped or Herniated Disks
We Help With Slipped Disc Problems

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I often wonder if the author of that quote happened to have a disc herniation or a pinched nerve in their spine. It is vitally important to note that by investing in a pro-active approach to your spinal health now, you may be able to avoid suffering from a disc injury later in life. And, while there is no specific protocol to guarantee you will never have a disc herniation or pinched nerve, there are a few action steps you can take now to lower your risk. In fact, researchers have recently discovered that you can reduce your chances of suffering from a functional spine-related condition is by keeping your spinal muscles strong.

An active lifestyle, regular exercise, and the inclusion of regular Chiropractic adjustments are all considered essential aspects of optimal spinal health. Degenerative changes to your spinal discs and weakened muscles around your spine can increase your risk of a disc herniation and pinched nerves. In our practice, we focus on helping you live an active and healthy lifestyle to keep your spine both durable and flexible. When you receive an adjustment from us, your spine is better able to move freely as a result, and this is thought to help slow down the degenerative process.

We have found that a pro-active approach to spinal health can lead to a significant improvement in your quality of life. If you have any questions about how you can get more active just ask! We love helping our patients reach their healthcare goals.

Getting regular spinal checks at our Chiropractic office helps relieve small back problems before they progress into chronic complaints. Get your check-up scheduled today!