Pain Relief and Chiropractic

Stop Your Suffering With Chiropractic

Pain Relief and Chiropractic
Best Treatment for Neck and Back Pain

An ache here, a pain or twinge there. Or maybe something more chronic, like migraine pain or lower back pain.
What is the purpose of pain?
What’s it trying to tell you?
Many people try to avoid pain at all costs. So, at the first sign of any type of pain, they take something to mask it. But their pain is merely a sign that something else is amiss. The pain is not the problem.
It’s merely a communication system. It’s the way your body gets the attention of its owner. You.  If you ignore it, or suppress it with a pill, it doesn’t go away. It’s like covering your “Check Engine” light on the dashboard of your car. The issue is still there ... only masked over. What happens if you continue to ignore it?
Traditional medicine is great at reducing or suppressing symptoms. Prescription and over-the-counter medications often produce quick relief ... Until they don’t!
That’s when even larger dosages are required ... Until they don’t work at that strength. This philosophy towards pain and its relief has been a factor in the growing opioid crisis.

A Natural Approach to Pain

Chiropractic care takes a very different approach. Pain, or other symptoms, is a language your body uses to alert you that a limit has been reached or a change needs to be made.
This usually involves the functioning of your nervous system. Because it controls and regulates every cell of your body. Every nerve message between your brain and body travels the spinal cord.
If a vertebra is not moving optimally or out of place, even slightly, it can put pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots that exit the spine. The resulting interference to nerve communications can be the cause of a host of health issues.
A series of precise spinal adjustments help restore proper spinal function. The result? Revived brain to body communications, better mobility. Oh, and less pain.
If you’re experiencing pain, get in to our clinic to receive a thorough spinal examination. Chiropractors have been able to help many who were threatened with surgery. Or told to “learn to live with it.” It’s an all natural solution that has helped millions of suffering patients.
Do you know someone who might benefit from our care? Have them schedule today!